Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

The refurbishment and restoration of all car wheels is one of our specialities - so much so we've decided to open a dedicated wheel refurbishment centre. We are able to restore all wheels (alloy or steel) to showroom condition. Have you ever been quoted the cost of four brand new alloy wheels? We can restore your old ones for a fraction of this.

Our vast experience in this field has led us to develop what we consider to be one of the best wheel restoration processes in the area. We now offer:

Chemical Stripping of Existing Wheel Coatings
This is kinder to the wheel than conventional shot blasting and removes old paint and coating without further damage.
3 Coat System for Wheel Colour
This is the holy grail of wheel refurbishment. Our 3 coat process applies primer, a wet colour and finally a tough powder coat lacquer to the wheel. We are now able to offer colours, shades and effects for your wheels on par with anything a body shop can apply to a car. Pearlescent two-tone to match your custom car paint job? No problem!

Wheel Refurbishment Customer Service

Many car owners are put off by the inconvenience of having wheels refurbished - how many people have a spare set of wheels to use while their main set is sent away for a lengthy time? We can refurbish your set of wheels in a day.

At Kilmarnock Powder Coating Services we make it as easy as possible. You can drop your car off at our workshop and we do the rest. Live in the local area? We'll take you home and collect you when your car is ready! Wheels and tyres will be removed and refitted on-site by a professional tyre fitter. Tyres will be fully balanced using self-adhesive weights. New valves are always used. Have a look at our alloy wheel refurbishment information page for more information.

Wheel Refurbishment - Choose Your Colour

We can powder coat your wheels to any colour specification. An exact match to the manufacturer's original colour code can be done. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, choose from one of the thousands of colours in our charts. Have a look at our alloy wheel refurbishment information page for more information.

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